Minamoto no Yoshitsune Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

1.Minamoto no Yoshitsune+Cao Cao

This combination of generals has had a dazzling performance for a long time. Cao Cao is the cavalry commander who can have a stable performance evaluation in any version. It provides the high mobility and attack bonus required by the cavalry unit to make up for the fragility of the cavalry. Body, as well as control skills. With Xiao Ming, they are the best match for the cavalry commander

2.Minamoto no Yoshitsune + Saladin

The combination of Minamoto no Yoshitsuneand Saladin took the stage. As a representative of the new generation of pure auxiliary cavalry, Saladin’s very comprehensive skills have been favored by many players. The cavalry offense and defense are matched with the explosion-proof ability, coupled with the powerful slowing effect and suppressive healing ability, Yuan Minamoto no Minamoto no Yoshitsune‘s survivability is extremely guaranteed, and there is also a good output ability, whether it is civil war or externally, it is great!

3. Minamoto no Yoshitsune+ Baibars

This is a combination that is more suitable for team battles. Minamoto no Yoshitsuneuses his own talents to promote the circulation of skills, and cooperates with Baibarsto continuously release large-scale attacks. Its skills give itself a good cavalry attack power. The cavalry can be continuously output, and the slow speed effect has a miraculous effect on certain occasions. The fourth skill can also be used to withdraw from the battlefield, and the completion of this combination is very high.

Talent building