Sun Tzu Commanders Guide:skills&talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Ways to getSun Tzu:

Gold and silver treasure chest, purple statue, special event, China’s initial commander, expedition shop


Art of War(Active Skill)

Sun Tzu is not only able to provide powerful output, but also to promote the primary and secondary linkage capabilities. When fighting in groups, Sun Tzu has a unique advantage to keep his skills high-frequency release, and the skills continue to bomb without interruption.

Philosophy of War(Passive Skill)

When Sun Tzu served as the garrison commander, the garrison troops were injured by 7%. This is a very good garrison skill. It provides garrison troops with damage reduction, enhances the troops’ explosion-proof capability, and strengthens the overall survivability.

Master Strategist(Passive Skill)

Damage reduction by 10%, infantry life +10%, one of Sun Wu’s core skills, provides high damage reduction for the troops, and life enhancement for infantry units. It is similar to the second skill, but there are no restrictions. The effect is permanent. .

Ever-changing Tactics(Passive Skill)

This skill can increase the damage of active skills by 20%. It is the biggest reliance on the output ability of the grandson. It strengthens the damage of the active skills and makes the grandson’s performance in the group more explosive.

Third, the order of skill upgrade

1>3> 4> 2

Commanders Pairs

Caesar:Recommended for master, singles, team play, high attribute bonus + injury reduction

Charlie Matt: Recommended for master, singles, team play, high infantry measurements + counterattack enhancement

Richard I: Recommended for master, singles, team play, high damage reduction + high infantry measurements

Frederick I: recommended as a lieutenant, single, ultra-high outbreak + battle recovery + expansion

Yi Seong-Gye: Both the main general and the deputy general can play a group and have a super high burst

Eulji Mundeok: Recommended for masters, singles, team fights, high infantry measurements

Kusunoki Masashige: Recommended as a lieutenant, garrisoned, continuous output + release control

Jan of Arc: Recommended as a lieutenant, playing a group, powerful halo

Talent building