Charlemagne Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

acquisition methods

He was obtained by occupying the Crusader fortresses of other kingdoms and ending KVK1 to occupy the great pyramids.


1.Eagle of Jupiter(Active Skill):1400 damage index for a single overall goal

2.Happy Home(Passive Skill):When in the wild, there is a 10% probability of being converted into 1000 index armor when hacked

3.Plot Maneuvers(Passive Skill):When gathering, increase the 10% physical attack and 10% defense capabilities of the gathered army

4.Pataum(Passive Skill): For every 10% reduction in the military strength of the army he leads, the damage of professional skills increases by 5% (7% when attacking a city). When the strength of the leading army is less than 70%, the damage of professional skills is increased to the maximum value of 15% (21% for siege).

5.Carolingian Renaissance New Skill: Passive Skill

When attacking other big cities of game players, the army led by the army has a -10% fatality rate in combat, which is converted into a wounded enterprise.

Skills are preferred to upgrade