Caesar Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Commander pairs

1. Caesar (commander) + Frederick I (vice commander)

This is a combination often used by experienced players in kvk when Saladin and Genghis Khan are not get. The 1,000 troops added by the VIP attribute plus advanced troops plus their own skills make the troops quite scary.

Advantages: Caesar’s damage reduction and damage gain are matched with a beard. Based on the number of soldiers, it can be said that the damage is considerable!

Insufficiency: the practical period is too short, after the practical stage, it will not be so powerful

Applicable occasions: Kvk in the first season can be played in groups or heads-up.

2. Caesar (commander) + Hannibal vice commander)

A common match in the early stage, because Hannibal is easy to wake up, almost all players with a lot of money have this match!

Advantages: The two generals match well in the early stage. Caesar’s gain and damage reduction cooperates with Hannibal to reduce the attributes of the opponent. Both the assembly and the field are very powerful. Pay attention to the mixed talent.

Insufficiency: average heads-up ability; also short practical period, weaker after the practical period

Applicable occasions: team battle

3. Caesar (commander) + Yi Seong-Gye(vice commander)

Advantages: High damage. Because of Yi Seong-Gye’s aoe assembly, he is not afraid of interference from other troops.

Disadvantages: It is also a short practical period, almost all of which involve Caesar’s general are for this reason.

Applicable occasions: Kvk assembly or team battle in the first season.

4. Richard (commander) + Caesar (vice commander)

Advantages: Richard’s candid rebirth and Caesar’s damage reduction, the early defense is very strong!

Insufficiency: poor mobility (the reason for Richard, most people see that Richard rarely attack, and if you don’t attack him, he will not be able to track you down)

Use occasions: field battles, team battles.

Talent building

Pure arms talent

Mixed arms talent