Boudica Commanders Guide:The strategy about acquisition methods&skills| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods&skills

1. Gold and silver treasure chest

2. Purple statue

3. Expedition Store

4. The original British commander in chief

5. Related activities


Lament of the Insurgent(Active Skill):Single hits a 600 damage coefficient, reduces its anger by 100, and reduces its attack by 25% within 2 seconds.Group Battle(Passive Skill):+25% damage to barbarians and neutral units, +25% experience after defeat.Celtic Blood(Passive Skill):After releasing the ultimate move, return 50 anger to yourself and return 400 coefficient blood.Queen of the Iceni(Passive Skill):Basic attack can make the next round: 5% chance + 50% damage, 3% chance + 100% damage, 2% chance + 150% damage.Roar of the InsurgentEnhance:Lament of the Insurgent:The screams of the insurgents (strengthening the screams of the insurgents)

The damage coefficient becomes 1000 when hitting a single body, and the rage is reduced by 100, and it is reduced within 2 seconds.

Priority upgrade of skills

1> 3> 4> 2 (card 1)