Lancelot Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&talent tress| Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

acquisition methods

He can get it from a gold box or a silver box


Quarrel(Active Skill): Lancelot wielded a sharp sword, causing huge damage to a single target.

Upgrade preview:

Direct damage coefficient: 200/300/400/500/600

Knight of the Round Table(Passive Skill): Increase the speed of the cavalry unit; increase the attack power of the cavalry unit

Upgrade preview:

Cavalry speed reward: 1%/ 2%/ 3%/ 4%/ 5%

Cavalry attack reward: 1%/ 2%/ 3%/ 4%/ 5%

After all, it is the blue commander. Although the damage bonus is only 5%, it is better than nothing. The 5% speed increase can make the cavalry more mobile in actual combat.

Forbidden Lov(Passive Skill): When attacked, Lancelot has a 10% chance to reduce all damage taken in the next round.

Upgrade preview:

Damage reduction: 10%/ 15%/ 20%/ 30%/ 40%

The damage reduction has reached 40%, and it is a passive skill, which will have a pretty good performance in actual combat, which can greatly remind the cavalry force to be honest and ensure that it can withstand more damage.

Battle of Sorrow(Passive Skill)When Lancelot’s remaining units do not exceed 50%, all damage and marching speed are increased.

Upgrade preview:

Damage bonus: 2%/4%/ 7%/ 10%/ 15%

Speed ​​bonus: 2%/4%/ 7%/ 10%/ 15%

The damage and speed bonuses have been further improved. The total damage has been increased by 20% at half blood. The early performance is still quite eye-catching. In addition, it has very good damage. It only needs to be matched with the ability to return anger. The lieutenant is.

Talent building