El Cid Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

pairs recommended

1. Cid(commander) and Yi Seong-Gye(vice commander)

Cidand Yi Seong-Gyeare the only archer combination among all generals. When the generals are scarce, Yi Seong-Gyecan be left with Cid. The two high archer bonuses coupled with Yi Seong-Gye’sperfect skill form and skill damage bonuses are basically the nemesis of infantry. Slinging Sun Wu and other infantry generals in a generation environment, even in front of Charlie and Richard, can still have a certain degree of parry. In terms of matching, it is recommended that Cid be the leader, because Yi Seong-Gyeis easy to be attacked.

2. Hermann (commander) and Cid (vice commander)

Cid and Hermannare relatively strong support teams, and the dual silence effect and anger reduction control of Hermannand Cid are basically the nemesis of all skill-type generals. Paired with your own skill talent, if you calculate with a 10-second round of skills, you can not only extend the opposite round of skills to as much as 13 seconds, but also reduce the damage of one round, which is basically the most in a real melee situation. The perfect auxiliary team can sit on an equal footing with Jeanne, and the combination of the two has a marching speed bonus of up to 25, which can ensure that the infantry strikes you in a timely manner.

3. Cid+Kusunoki Masashige

These two are put together purely because they are both archer generals. Seeing from the skill point of view,Cid’s second skill and Kusunoki Masashige‘s four skills can basically guarantee that one damage will be triggered in a round. If your Cid is not awakened, suggest Kusunoki Masashige to be the leader. The cost of training is low. If Cid is awakened, it will do both. However, in view of the fact that cavalry is always the main force on the battlefield, it is not recommended that archers come to battle.

Talent building