Frederick I Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Frederick I+Osman I:

Both generals and deputy generals are available, burst output + strong pursuit, with the main and deputy linkage ability brought by the talent return to anger value, greatly strengthen the overall output of Frederick I; four skills increase the capacity of the troops, allowing Frederick I to invest Carrying more troops than others on the battlefield indirectly strengthens skill output and frankness; in addition, it can also be used to siege cities and gather local alliance buildings or city halls.

Frederick I+Scipio:

Both the main and deputy generals are available, high damage reduction + enhanced anti-injury, a very good siege combination, the second skill increases the damage and the third skill causes damage to the city, which has a very high value in siege and removal; except In addition to the build-up damage incidental to the leader talent, the offensive talent has a very high value for such generals who rely on general attack output.

Frederick I+Boudica: Both the main general and the deputy general, burst output + abnormal addition, outstanding skill damage and damage reduction ability, strong output enhances the survivability of the troop, singles vs. singles can last longer; unstable damage enhancement, if you are lucky Can hit one hundred and fifty percent of the damage.

Frederick I+Caesar:

It is recommended as the main, enhanced income + high damage reduction. Whether it is field battles or siege leader generals, the inherent high compatibility can make him very versatile. With the cooperation of Caesar, Frederick I’s skills can be used. For super high damage, the second skill can also provide protection for the survivability of the troop; the fourth skill is the expansion ability, and when paired with Frederick I, it is very invincible to open an expansion prop or something. The strength of the troops will be greater under the same level and technology. The more the greater the advantage

Recommended arms: everything can be assembled; infantry/mixed

Frederick I+Mehmed II:

Both main and deputy generals can be used, explosive output + skill damage increase, very powerful siege combination. The effect of Mohammed’s four skills is also equivalent to moving the advantages of leaders and generals to the assembled army. If you are a big alliance, it is not a problem to gather more than 2.5 million in the city.

Frederick I+Richard I:

Both generals and lieutenants can provide stable treatment, provide endurance and defense for troops, and can also bring powerful and comprehensive gains to infantry. The combination of high damage reduction and damage reduction is abnormal. Whether it is in alliance team battles or solo combat, Richard I can provide what Frederick I needs. It can be used as a supporter or as an exporter. This combination is also applicable. In gathering and attacking enemy cities, the leader talent can further strengthen the healing effect.

Talent building