Lohar Commanders Guide:The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

There is only one way to obtain Lohar-“LoharEvent”. During the event, we can obtain Lohar’s necklace by hitting a barbarian. When using Lohar’s necklace, we can obtain Lohar’s longbow and Lohar’s buckler. After we use it, we must gather teammates to attack together. After successfully defeating, there will be a probability of getting Lohar’s head and an alliance treasure chest. Lohar’s head can also be opened in this treasure chest.

Lohar Event Tips:

1. Multiple teams attack a barbarian at the same time to increase the efficiency of obtaining Lohar’s Necklace.

2. Participate in the gathering of teammates.

3. The assembly can be used after the activity is over, which can save energy to the greatest extent.

4.Lohar’s trial will also get the arrow of resistance, which is the 1 material to upgrade the arrow tower, especially for the early stage, the material needed for the arrow tower is not much. Lohar’s trial is a very good upgrade arrow. Way to the tower.


Overwhelming Force(active skill): Inflict direct damage to a single target (damage coefficient 450), and restore a part of the lightly injured units of its own troops (healing coefficient 450).

From the description, this skill is a skill that has both damage and healing effects, but the skill damage coefficient is not high. Loharis not a damage-type jungler. Compared to skill damage, his healing effect is more obvious. Moreover, Loharis the only jungler with active skills with blood recovery, which allows him to become a standing leader. The generals of the platoon.

Sanction (passive skill): Damage to barbarians and other neutral units increased by 35%

Compared with other jungle fighters, this skill is nothing dazzling. Loharis very easy to awaken in the game, so for him, this skill is a very practical skill.

Lohar’s Trial (Passive Skill): The experience value gained by all commanders in the army is increased by 70%

To understand this skill, we must first understand the mechanism of experience gained in the game! In the game, when troops pass by barbarians, guardians, or all units that can gain experience, the experience gained by the main general and the deputy general is exactly the same. The highlight of this skill is that his experience value has been increased by 70%. This is the skill with the most experience increase in the game. Roha is also the general who can get the most experience, so we can use this feature to let Roha bring others The generals are upgraded.

Unruly Blood (Passive Skill): After leaving the battle, Lohar can restore some of the lightly injured units with a healing coefficient of 1000 (2000)

The healing coefficient of this skill is very high, there are as many as 2000. It is the existence of this skill. We can have some small manipulation skills for Lohar(this will be explained in the later part of the use of skills), this healing coefficient is coupled with a skill The rebirth of the blood allows our Loharto play wild outside for a long time.

Skill upgrade order: 1→3→2→4