Æthelflæd Commanders Guide:The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition method

This hero can only be obtained through the Expedition Store


Arrow of Iron (Active Skill): Inflicts one damage to up to five targets in the front fan-shaped area (damage factor 800), and reduces their attack power, defense power and health by 30% for 2 seconds.

This skill is a wide range of AOE skills and the damage coefficient is not low. From this skill alone, it can be seen that Ethel can indeed be a very powerful general.

Let us understand the mechanics of another game. The active skills of the main general and the lieutenant are released separately. Therefore, Ethel is suitable as the main general. First use the debuff effect of this skill to break the defense on the opposite side, and then use the game mechanism to let the lieutenant release the skills. Thus, the lieutenant’s skills can deal a huge amount of damage!

Thunderous Force(Passive Skill): The counterattack damage received by the led troops is reduced by 20%. When actively attacking, there is a 10% probability that the marching speed of cavalry units in the target army will be reduced by 50%, and the marching speed of other units will be reduced by 30% for 3 seconds.

If there are only cavalry in the opposing army, the marching speed of other arms is also equivalent to being reduced by 50%. This deceleration effect will be very obvious, can bring a kind of control effect, can effectively prevent the enemy from escaping or chasing. And this skill does not have a built-in CD.

Synergy(Passive Skill): All damage caused by the troops led by the barbarian and other neutral units is increased by 35%, and the experience value gained by all commanders in the troops is increased by 35%.

If we only look at this skill, there is really nothing amazing, but if you cooperate with her one skill, it can save you energy and improve your efficiency when you fight the barbarian.

Fortress of Mercia (passive skill): When the commander initiates a mass attack, the maximum capacity of massed troops is increased by 8%. When the led unit contains 3 or more different types of arms, all damage caused by the unit is increased by 20%.Warrior Queen New Skill: Passive Skill: Inflicts an additional 20% damage on targets affected by the slowing effect.

This skill alone is useless, but if we cooperate with the second skill, we can show how powerful this skill is.

Skill upgrade sequence: