Joan of Arc Commanders Guide:best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

1. Joan + Richard I

Richard I has a very powerful healing effect, and due to his defensive talent is more resistant to beatings, so he is generally not selected as the target of the fire, most enemies will even bypass Richard. This conceals the existence of Joan, and also allows her to stay longer on the battlefield to provide buffs to teammates.

2. Joan + Sun Tzu

Joan’s active skill buff only lasts for 2 seconds. This is relatively short. Even if Joan awakens, it only lasts for 4 seconds. This will make us have no skills to release for a period of time.

So we can choose to match the Sun Tzu, the Sun Tzu’s skills hit the enemy to get anger, and the buff of Joan of Arc’s own anger can quickly accumulate full anger and release the skills. And Sun Tzucan choose skill talent, this talent can be very helpful to the improvement of anger. As a result, Sun Tzuand Joan’s skills are released more frequently, and the blank period between buffs is greatly shortened.

3. Joan + Æthelflæd

Earlier we introduced that a skill of Joan of Arc can bring buffs to infantry, cavalry and archer. Then choosing mixed soldiers can obviously increase the benefit of this buff. So we recommend Æthelflæd. Æthelflæd’s fourth skill is that when the troop contains 3 or more skills, the damage caused by the use is increased by 20%. The existence of this skill can greatly increase the income of mixed soldiers, and also allows Joan’s buff to take effect. Secondly, Æthelflæd’s active skill is a range-based debuff that reduces the opponent’s attack power, defense power, and health. This is in line with Joan’s promotion of troop attributes. It can play a very beautiful auxiliary effect on the battlefield. Provide buffs to your teammates and powerful debuffs to enemies on the opposite side.

4. Joan + Constantine I

Constantine is a better substitute for Richard. Constantine and Joan of Arc can provide a powerful buff for teammates. Constantine’s active skills can provide damage reduction for teammates and reduce the enemy’s attack power. And Constantine’s second skill can increase the health of infantry troops by 40% in the wild, and Joan of Arc is a hero who needs to provide buffs in the wild all the time. The combination of Constantine and Joan is a powerful weapon in team battles, which can bring double range benefits to teammates. And Constantine’s own frankness improved the ability of the troops to continue fighting. The only regret is that Constantine was able to obtain it late, and it must be obtained after the end of kvk1.

Talent building