Yi Seong-Gye Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Commander I

Charles + Yi Seong-Gye

A very popular city defense combination. Charles’s ult can make +30% damage when the shield is in effect, Yi Seong-Gyecan cause area damage, and the two of them also have garrison skills.

Frederick I + Yi Seong-Gye

The red beard’s skill mechanism allows him to add Yi Seong-Gye’s skills to increase his damage, and he can hit very explosive damage. It is a very good combination in the first generation. If used for rallying, it can also play a good battle loss ratio.

Commander II

Alexander + Yi Seong-Gye

Alexander’s attack power is very high, which can significantly increase the overall output. Especially the awakened Alexander will increase the damage to the surrounding 3 targets and increase the output of Yi Seong-Gyein the next round. Of course, the defense of this combination is a bit poor.

Genghis Khan + Yi Seong-Gye

This combination allows the cavalry to have a good output in the melee. Genghis Khan is currently one of the heroes with the shortest skill cycle, and Yi Seong-Gye can also provide extra anger. 50% increase in skills,

And below half blood, the skill increase reaches 80%. Even if the enemy wants to besiege you, Genghis Khan can rely on passive skills to restore his anger, bursting out a lot of damage before being defeated.

Edward + Yi Seong-Gye

Edward provides a 25% increase in skills, plus Yi Seong-Gyeis 75%. Edward’s own skill coefficient is 2500, and Yi Seong-Gyeis 1700. After counting the bonus, it is 4375+2975=7350. A total of 7350 individual damage! If it is added to Yi Seong-Gye’s 100% attack boost, the damage explodes.

Wu Zetian + Yi Seong-Gye

In the second season of kvk, the defensive invincible combination, but the official recently made changes to ban Wu Zetian from playing in the second season of kvk 2.

Talent building