Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides: Strategies to improve treatment efficiency

first, I will take the 25-level alliance center as an example (the number of times an ally can help is 30 times), and the country is France: (20% healing acceleration). Therefore, under normal circumstances, my healing speed is 40%: if the king turns on the healing BUFF (30% healing speed), plus if there is a healing rune (15%), then the healing speed will be as high as 85%, and the medic is very Efficient.

Many novices may treat all the wounded soldiers in the hospital at one time. This approach is possible when there are few wounded soldiers, but in Kvk field battles, wounded soldiers will generally reach 200,000 or more. All treatment at one time requires a lot of resources and acceleration, which is not recommended.

The correct approach is that the player treats about 2500 soldiers each time. When the number of assistance reaches 30 times, the wave of soldiers can be discharged immediately, and so on, the wounded soldiers can be discharged very quickly.