Genghis Khan Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

1. Genghis Khan (commander) + Yi Seong-Gye (vice commander)

Genghis Khanquickly restores his anger value with aoe damage team battles that can cause very high damage!

Advantages: Can improve active skills by 50% to hit high bursts.

Disadvantages: not good heads-up ability

Combination applicable occasions: team battle priority

2. Saladin (commander) + Genghis Khan (vice commander)

These two heroes are the best fit. Saladin’s skills can provide Genghis Ho with better protection and higher defense, making Genghis Khana more versatile hero. Saladin’s skills can also restrain Richard, Cao Cao and other generals who have the ability to restore blood. Can also be used to attack. Remember the main commander is Saladin,vice commander isGenghis Khan, so that their skills will be used more frequently!

Advantages: There is output but also defense

Disadvantages: The moving speed is relatively slow, and it can hardly run if chased by the enemy.

Combinations are suitable for occasions: heads-up, small-scale team battles (four or five teams), siege or edge attack in group battles.

3. Genghis Khan (commander) + Cao Cao (vice commander)

Cao Cao awakens more easily than Saladin. Cao Cao’s recovery ability allows you to face it calmly whether you are fighting an enemy or hitting a barbarian in the wild.

Advantages: fighting ability and escape ability are very strong, it is a common combination

Disadvantages: poor defensive ability, poor survivability in team battles

Combination applicable occasions: attack the enemy’s mining troops, small-scale team battles (four or five teams), and sneak attacks on the edge of the team battle.

Talent building