Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides:The best strategy to occupy the sanctuary

Preparation before the battle

The sanctuary will be refreshed around the holy ground, and runes will be dropped when you kill them. At this time, you need to see if there are any runes that can increase the battle. Generally speaking, 3% of attack and defense and health are required. Although it is very few, it is also more useful when the combat level in the early stage is very low. If you have conditions, you can also use a 5% attack power buff for 12 hours.

General recommendationMinamoto no Yoshitsune+Cao Cao with all cavalry

Minamoto no Yoshitsunecan be obtained by recharging for the first time, and can easily upgrade a skill to level 5. Cao Cao can be obtained from the treasure chest. The damage of the first skill of the two generals is very considerable in the early stage, plus the passive bonus to the cavalry attack and the bonus to the barbarian, the damage explodes. In addition, Cao Cao’s skill can also reduce the enemy’s attack power by 40%, and has a chance to regenerate blood, which improves survivability. In the case of a full-armed T2 or T3T2 cavalry mix, it can easily attack the altar.

Caesar+Hannibal Barcawith mixed arms

Hannibal can be purchased directly and the early strength is very high. Caesar’s ultimate skill is the whole team plus a powerful BUFF for five seconds, and the 2 skill reduces the damage of the whole team. Hannibal’s ultimate skill can break the defense of the temple, 4 skills increase 15% attack power for three seconds after the skills are deployed outside the territory, which is very powerful. The only drawback is that this combination is only suitable for a large number of players who charge money.

Sun Tzu+Joan of Arc

For ordinary players, they don’t have so many golden generals, Sun Tzuis also a good choice. First, choosing China to get Sun Wu directly. Joan can be obtained by opening a treasure chest, and it is also very easy to obtain. Sun Tzu‘s damage is good and has damage reduction skills. With the buff of Joan of Arc, he can do both offense and defense.

2. Field generals

Due to the level restrictions of the generals and castles in the early stage, most players have a total strength of a single unit ranging from 6w to 10w, and the combat power is low, so it is not recommended to play output but use it for assistance.

In addition to the assembled generals recommended above, which can be used for field battles, there are several generals recommended below, which can be matched at will.

The main general can use Boudica, Belisarius, and Cao Cao. All three can impose buffs on the holy land to reduce the difficulty of the battle. The lieutenant recommends Joan of Arc, who can also buff himself while protecting the assembled troops and improving combat efficiency.

In terms of attack strategy, it is recommended to attack with assembled troops one by one, and the remaining troops will attack in groups after the assembled troops enter the battle. This will be more efficient, and the more troops besieged, a siege buff with increased damage will be applied to the attacked target, which can also increase the efficiency of the attack.