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Song of Broken Pines≈Skyward Pride> The Unforged ≥ Wolf’s Gravestone> Serpent Spine> Blackcliff Slasher> Snow-Tombed Starsilver> Prototype Archaic

Here are some special instructions for Skyward Pride, because its rankings are quite different from the numbers calculated in the table.

1. First of all, the special effects of Skyward Pride match Eula’s elemental explosion very closely. Eula’s elemental explosion determines that she will face the enemy after using the elemental explosion. The damage of her sword is very high, so Lightfall Sword is Eula’s strongest weapon after using elemental burst.

2. Eula’s elemental explosion accounts for a large proportion of the output. Then the supplementary energy of Lightfall Sword is a very real attribute. On the basis of the supplementary energy of the weapon, it is very possible that the total physical magnification of Eula’s output will increase by 10%~15% in the same period of time. Looking back at the conclusions in the table, if you multiply the output number of Skyward Pride by 1.1~1.15, is it close to the data of Song of Broken Pines? Her elemental skills can actively choose to explode, compared to Song of Broken Pines’ passive triggering gives another advantage

3. The color of Skyward Pride matches well with Eula.


0 constellation or 1 constellation: 2 pieces of Pale Flame + 2 pieces of Bloodstained Chivalry> 4 pieces of Pale Flame

At this time, Eula’s elemental skills long press the CD for a long time and cannot maintain the bloodstained chivalry 4-piece buff. In contrast, the unconditional and unactivated 50% physical damage increase is very suitable. You must know that other artifacts can only increase the damage of 35% of the elements under the premise that they have restrictions.

More than 2 constellations: Pale Flame 4 pieces set ≈ Pale Flame 2 pieces + Bloodstained Chivalry 2 pieces

Although Eulawith more than 2 constellations can use Pale Flame 4 pieces well, the latter is easier to form.