Chongyun- best team composition|Genshin Impact Characters Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

Diluc + Chongyun

By turning Diluc’s ordinary attack into an Cryoelemental attack, continue to repeat the basic attack of attached Cryoelement => elemental skills trigger Meltreaction => ordinary attack of attached Cryoelement => elemental combat skills trigger the process of Meltreaction, the damage of elemental skills will double. But it should be noted that this team conflicts with Diluc’s own talents, and the priority of the Pyroelement is higher than that of the Cryoelement. Therefore, it is more flexible to use.

Advantage: The damage of Diluc’s elemental skills is doubled.Disadvantages: Diluc can’t use elemental burst, sacrificing the effect of increasing Pyro elemental damage during normal attacks.Tips: After using the element skills, Diluc needs to make at least two normal attacks, because the first normal attack is in the element reaction cycle, and the element cannot be attached at this time. It needs a second general attack to attach the Cryo element, and then trigger the melting reaction. .

Xingqiu/Barbara + Chongyun

The similarity between Xingqiu and Barbara is that they can use elemental skills to apply water elemental attachment to enemies around the character. The difference is that Barbara pays more attention to recovering blood volume, while Xingqiu increases damage reduction and can pass Elemental bursts provide higher additional damage. The point that Zhongyun cooperates with is that it repeats the attack cycle of wet => freezing => crushed Cryothrough close combat.

Advantages: Freeze for a long time to gain output space; crushed Cryo (physical) + Cryo element damage is mixed.Disadvantage: The monster will continue its actions before freezing when the Cryo is crushed. At this time, there may be a risk of death, but Xingqiu/Barbara makes up for this disadvantage to a certain extent.