Bennett-best team composition|Genshin Impact Characters Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

The most popular team: Xingqiu( Above 4 constellations are the best) + Bennett

The talents of Bennett and Xingqiu add up to a small nuclear bomb with a very high explosion. Xingqiu’s elemental explosion can also provide long-term protection and background output.

Teams pursuing extreme explosion: Bennett + Mona

Bennett’s elemental explosion + Mona’s elemental explosion + Bennett’s elemental skill is a super large nuclear bomb, and the damage caused within the next 6 seconds will be greatly increased. It can be used in a short time with other high-explosive characters. Inflicted extremely terrifying damage inside.

The specific configuration is as follows:

Bennett carries four weapons with high base attack power (Aquila Favonia), Noblesse Oblige;

Mona carries four pieces of Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and Instructor

Sucrosecan carry any weapon and four pieces of Viridescent Venerer

The most practical team: Bennett + Xingqiu + Chongyun + Xiangling

Bennett is usually used as the carry of this team, Xingqiu and Xiangling switch roles quickly, and Chongyun is burst damage.

There is not much attention to the combo. If all four players have elemental bursts at the beginning, you can use elemental skills first. Bennett uses elemental skills after elemental bursts and elemental skills, then switch Xiangling, and then switch Xingqiu ,finally changed back to Bennett.


Cooperate with Bennett’s elemental explosion to hit the explosion damage. Bennett’s elemental explosion lasts for 12 seconds and cools down for 15 seconds, and only 3 seconds of waiting time when the replenishment energy is in place.· After the Chongyun 2 constellation, cast skills in the elemental skill field can reduce 15% cd, please use it flexibly.· Chongyun’s elemental skills and Bennett’s elemental burst CD are both 15s. Please try to make sure that Bennett’s elemental bursts can be melted at the same time.· Xiangling and Xingqiu Elemental Outbreak CD are both 20 seconds, and the CD of Xingqiu Elemental Combat Skills is 21 seconds. Please try to keep them synchronized as much as possible. Rely on Xiangling’s elemental skills to cause Vaporize  reaction.