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Crimson Witch of Flames 4-piece

The effect of the witch’s 4-piece suit is very suitable for Bennet’s elemental skills, second only to Diluc. Basic Bennett can also trigger the Crimson Witch of Flames’s effect perfectly, and this set of equipment is also very suitable for the current Players who have Bennett but do not have Diluc use it. When Diluc or other applicable Carry characters are drawn later, Bennett’s artifact can be transferred to the carry character, so that the artifact will not be duplicated and wasted.

Noblesse Oblige 4-piece suit

  The artifact designated by the auxiliary character-the 4-piececlan is mainly for the 4-pieceattack power gain effect. Although in actual combat, the effect of this artifact is not so perfect, but there is no other better choice.


Skyward Blade: ★★★★★

Advantages: The high basic attack and energy supplement of the Sky Sword has become Bennett’s best choice.

Disadvantages: Difficult to obtain, high upgrade cost.

The original god Bennett’s strongest weapon selection recommendation

Festering Desire: ★★★★★

Advantages: 4-star weapons have the highest basic attack value, easy to obtain and easy to upgrade. After testing, level 80 Festering Desire elemental skills are 100 points lower than level 90 Skyward Blade. The elemental burst increases attack power is 200 points lower than level 90 Skyward Blade. The measured level 90 sky increases by 1250 and the level 80Festering Desire increases by 1040. .

Disadvantages: Lower attack power than Skyward Blade.

Aquila Favonia:★★★☆☆

Because there is no energy supplement, it is a very ordinary weapon for Bennett.

Sacrificial Sword:★★☆☆☆

The basic attack of this weapon is low.