Beidou -best team composition|Genshin Impact Character Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

As the character of the Electroelement, Beidou itself has a more difficult mechanism to master, so it is more difficult for him to form a team.

The most popular team at present: Tartaglia+Xingqiu+Beidou+Fischl, in which Xingqiu can be replaced with supporting roles such as Bennett depending on the situation.

the core of this team is  Beidou+Fischl:

The dual Electro element can greatly reduce the pressure of Beidou’s recovery energy and ensure the duration of the big move.

The Fischl’s Electro element coverage is extremely high and lasts a long time. The E+Q skill cycle can almost guarantee the existence of Oz. Cooperating with the son, it can cause a very high frequency of Electro-Charged reactions. At the same time, the Fischl’s talent “Conviction Raikage” further increases the damage of the lightning element when Oz is on the field, further amplifies the effect of the double Electro element, and uses high frequency to amplify the damage of the Electro-Charged reaction.

Ordinary players can choose to use Xiangling instead of Tartaglia to change the charged reaction into an overload reaction.

If Beidou is only regarded as a character specifically aimed at high-pressure environments, then Beidou can join any team as long as the positioning does not overlap. In this case, you don’t need to pursue a perfect rebound, you can regard the E skill as a block energy saving, and it will be successful if it can offset a few high damages. At the same time, you can consider the charging efficiency of stacking elements to ensure that the Carry can get the damage reduction effect of the ultimate skill for a long time, and can give full play to the auxiliary functions of the Beidou.