Day 2-best time|Legend of the Vagabond Sword Event Guide | Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Guide

Oceanid on the second day is very flexible. If you have Eula, you can consider you to give priority to Eula. You can also refer to the following team:

Hutao + Fischl + Bennett + Zhong Li

Weapon: Deathmatch+ The Stringless + Sacrificial Sword+ Black TasselFood: Adeptus’ Temptation + Moon Pie + Flaming Essential OilThe main method: Hutao carry with Vaporize , Fischl is vice carry, Bennett double fire to increase damage and restore blood volume, Zhongli stimulates a protective shield to resist damage.Operation skills: Hutao hit a wave of high damage at the start, and then ran to other places to attract Oceanid, Zhongli used big moves, Fischl, and Hutao used accumulating skills to quickly destroy Oceanid. Then pay attention to the position output. When the pure Oceanid locks the attack target, Zhongli can be used to set up a pillar near it, and Hutao climbs up the pillar to continue the attack.

The best team for ordinary players

Ning Guang+ Fischl+Bennett+Diona

This teamis very stable. Ningguang and Fischlhave stable long-range output, and it is easy to fight birds. You can also remotely counterattack while hiding skills. With the Ningguang’sJade Screen, andDiona and Bennett, the survival pressure is completely bearable.

Or you can use Yan Fei to change the Ningguang, the output is also high, but the survival ability is worse than the condensed light.You can also replace Diona with Xiangling for faster output.

The above teams are suitable for ordinary players, the operation is not difficult, and the score must be high.