Five-star Weapon Tier List in 1.6| Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Guide

S: Excellent weapon weapon

Staff of Homa

The first five-star critical weapon has a higher theoretical upper limit than the critical weapon. Because this weapon can increase life and increase attack power, it is very suitable for Hutao and Zhongli. It will be a good weapon for a long time.

Primordial Jade Cutter

Due to the lack of a powerful sword-using role, many people are not optimistic about this weapon. But the crit rate is a very rare attribute, which greatly reduces the difficulty of attacking holy relics. This weapon can increase attack power and blood volume, and has strong applicability. At present, I think it is the strongest sword.

S-:What used to be an excellent weapon is still very strong now

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

The special effects are very strong after the buff is superimposed, and the applicability is good.

A+ :can be used as a graduation weapon

Amos’ Bow

A limited S weapon with extremely strong output capability. This weapon is tailor-made for Gan Yu. Both are indispensable.

Skyward Harp

Very useful, the only disadvantage is that the weapon effect is too ordinary

Wolf’s Gravestone

A graduated sword suitable for vice carry, the team’s ability to increase attack power is very strong, but it’s not suitable for carry

Skyward Atlas

The current master’s graduated weapon has 12 elemental damage bonuses, which can make up for the master’s shortcomings. The disadvantage of this weapon is its low attack power.

A:Normal five-star strength and limited use weapons

Summit Shaper \The Unforged \Vortex Vanquisher\ Memory of Dust:

These weapons are basically only suitable for Zhong Li at the moment, there is no need to extract them specially. They will be stronger for Geo characters. You can look forward to the new Geo characters in the future.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Although this is a crit weapon, its effect is difficult to stack up in the abyss, not suitable for the current mage.

A-:Among the five stars, the strength is weak and not worth sampling

Aquila Favonia

A very general weapon, because it can be used by Bennett and Keqing, so it barely ranks here.

Skyward Blade

The only effect is that it can be used as Bennett’s graduation weapon and is likely to be eliminated.

B:The design fails and is easily replaced by powerful four-star weapons

Skyward Pride

As a five-star weapon, it can only be used as a substitute for other weapons. There is no doubt that this design is a failure

Skyward Spine

At present, the weakest five-star weapon, players who draw this weapon are very painful.