Genshin Impact Guide|Location of all murals-Looking for murals | Genshin Impact Guide

The first mural: Broken Isle

The mural is in the cave. If the cave is not unlocked, you need to break the wall with the Wind-Blessed Harpastum reveals a cavern, and you need to solve the stone pillars.After arriving at the place, you can observe interactively, and you can view it in your backpack after using the camera function to save it.The second mural: Twinning Isle

There is a mural in the south of the island

The third mural: Minacious Isle

Go east from the teleportation point, there is a mural on the southwest side of the bottom of the cliffThe fourth mural: Nameless Island

From Broken Isle or Twinning Isle, you can easily reach the Unnamed IsleThe 4th mural can be found on the stone wall under the mountain;

The fifth mural: Nameless IsletYou must fly down from the front of the teleportation point where Twinning Island located from 10 am to 2 pm. There will be a cave with an upward hole on the waist of the mountain, and there will be a notebook inside. After interacting with it, you can put it in your backpack. Inside view
In addition, after the interactive note is successful, the task will be opened at the same time,You can also complete this task while looking for the mural.Adjust the time to 12 noon after arriving at the island marked 2 according to the content of the notes, and you can reach the unnamed island in the northeast through the indication of the wind direction (white stripes on the sea).