Best Amber Build|Genshin Impact Character Guide: Ascension Materials& Team&Weapon | Genshin Impact Guide

Ascension Materials

1.Agnidus Agate Fragment: Obtaining from Pyro Regisvine、Wolf of the North Challenge、Primo Geovishap and Alchemy2.Small Lamp Grass: Found in Whispering Woods and Wolvendom、buying from Flora3.Everflame Seed: Obtaining from Pyro Regisvines4.Firm Arrowhead:Dropped by Hilichurl Shooter

best team

Amber + Venti + Fischl

The lineup is formed with Amber as the Pyroelement explosion position configuration, and the team resources are mainly concentrated on Venti.

For the fourth character, you can choose the role of Anemoelement/Pyroelement, and bring stability and enhancement to the team by activating the elemental resonance effect and improve the team’s survivability.

Vent’s advantage is that Vent’s elemental explosion can allow small monsters to overlap on the z-axis, so that Amber’s elemental explosion can maximize group damage; at the same time, it will not cause monsters to be ejected from the element explosion range due to overloaded explosions. .

Weapon selection:Favonius Warbow

As Amber’s output capabilities become weaker as we go forward, we give priority to weapons that allow her to speed up the explosion of elements in the choice of weapons. Among the two five-star weapons, there is no weapon that can accelerate the charging speed. So we choose Favonius Warbow, which is presented by the mission story. This weapon panel increases our charging speed, effectively increases the speed of Amber’s elemental explosion, and equipment skills can obtain elemental crystal balls to speed up the elemental explosion.