Genshin impact Guide: Wanderer’s Trail strategy for beginner | Genshin Impact Guide

1.After the start, select the gender and set the name. (Can’t be changed temporarily)

2. After the plot is over, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic operations. The NPC flying in the sky in the picture below is the one who has been with us in the process, named Paimon. We followed Paimon after we got familiar with the operation.

3. When you are on the edge of the rock platform, you can climb up, and you can climb directly by walking forward against the wall. Here is a reminder for everyone.

Wall climbing tips: Generally, there will be a foothold when climbing a high wall. As long as the character stays standing, it can recover its physical strength. If the physical strength is empty, it will fall. Climbing slowly consumes physical strength. If you use jumping, you can go up a certain distance and consume a lot of physical strength. If the height of the wall climbing is less than 1/3 of the ordinary climbing wall, if you see a higher wall, it is recommended to climb slowly, reach the top and then use the jump.

4. After climbing up the cliff, you will encounter a wild monster. Please don’t attack it, because you can’t defeat him with your current strength. Escape is the best choice.