Tasks (Freebies): how can I check my progress / what do I do if I didn’t receive my reward? – Dragon City Game guide

How can I check my progress?If you head over to the task section, you can see the status of all your started tasks within the “In Progress” tab. If you have started a task, it will be clearly indicated:

  • “In Progress”: you have started the task and it is ongoing;
  • “Rejected”: for the reasons mentioned below, your task completion has been rejected;
  • “Completed”: you should receive your reward by the end of the timeframe.

My task is marked as “completed”, but I did not receive the reward!As you know, you have a timeframe to complete every task. You will receive the reward only once this timeframe is over, which is when the advertisers will check if everything is correct.Example: The offer may say “offer valid for 12 days after installation”. If you complete it in 7 days, you’ll still have to wait 5 more days before receiving your reward. If you haven’t received your reward two days after the end of the timeframe, you can check Fyber’s FAQs or contact the Customer Support Team at Fyber for assistance (they may take up to 24h to reply). In order to resolve the case quickly, you need to provide them with the following information:

  • the name of the game you completed the task on;
  • the amount of gems advertised as the reward;
  • a screenshot of your task status (if possible);
  • a screenshot including proof of completion, if the task required is:- in-game actions: certain level or stage reached;- in-game purchases: receipt or proof of purchase.

What does “Rejected” mean?You need to ensure you have fulfilled all the mandatory requirements in order to receive the final reward. Our partner can reject your participation for several reasons and no reward will be attributed if your attempt checks one of the below:

  • you did not complete all the actions required by the task;
  • you completed the offer but not within the required timeframe (offer expired);
  • you clicked on this offer on another game / provider;
  • you already completed the task once before;
  • you already played the game (for those offers which require you to be a new user);
  • you used a VPN connection or a computer emulator;
  • a fraud was detected.

If you think your situation doesn’t match any of the above specified, please send a request to Fyber Customer Support.


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