Version 34 Release Notes & Status – Puzzle Combat Game guide


21st of May, 2021 at 06:30 (UTC+0). We have now begun to roll out the Version 34.0 update for Android and hope to begin the rollout for iOS soon.Release notes:

  • Summer Event:
    • Seasonal Summon with 8 new heroes of the Water Fight family
    • Summer Calendar
    • Beach Party special operation featuring exploding Water Balloons!
  • New Heroes and Weapons of the Month
  • Zombie Event Balance Adjustments:
    • Petrol Bomb spawn rates increased
    • Purifying Blast damage increased
    • Normal enemies health lowered after respawning
    • Level Balance adjustments based on the changes
  • Zombie Coins added to Zombie Event chests
  • Offensive Master Weapon perks (burn, poison and bleed) can now be applied only by damaging special skills
  • Stealth buff can now also evade indirect damage (Atomo/Scarlett)
  • Master Weapon debuffs now apply when a hero damages their own allies under Umbra’s curse
  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements


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