CSR Racing 2 – Samsung A11 – Webview and Google Chrome update required

It has come to our attention that some players regularly face game crashes due to older versions of the Webview App on their Android phones. The Android WebView Application is a native application present in all android devices and having an older version may lead to performance issues. What does a player need to do?Players need to update to latest version of Android Webview Application and Chrome web BrowserWhat is an Android Webview Application?Android WebView is a native application from Google built-in for all Android devices. It allows Android apps to display content from the web directly inside an application (e.g. watching ads within an appDo we need to upgrade both Webview and Chrome Web Browser?YesHow does the Player Update the Webview Application?1. Open the Play Store app.2. Search for “Android System WebView.”3. Select Update4. Repeat similar steps for Chrome Web Browser.What version number should I be on?Players must be on version number greater than 89.0.4389.105I do not see any update option for Webview ApplicationIn this case, your application would be on the latest version already. Check for the app version. It should be higher than 89.0.4389.105I am on an older version and still don’t see an updated version?  Please update your device to the latest Android version supported by your device. With updated Android version, you should be able to see the latest version of webview application as well.


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