CSR Racing 2 – 3.2 Player Update

Racers, with the release of the 3.2 update we are arriving at the final stages of the America Series. But don’t worry, there are many more incredible events to come! For more information around what is coming out with the 3.2 update, keep reading…AMERICA SERIESYou’re in the final stretch but there are some incredible moments that you are still to experience. The Boulevard Trinity event pits three classic American Muscle cars against each other and you need to race your way to the top!After you’ve mastered the all-American clash, you’ll need to tackle one of the most iconic moments we’ve seen in CSR2 so far. Unlocking the legendary INDYCAR! You’ll need to be at your very best to take this racing machine off the track and beat the competition!To complete the event, you’ll need to get behind the wheel of every prize car you’ve taken home throughout the America Series core events and crush the competition. Then, once you’ve been crowned champion, you’ll unlock the INDYCAR!Of course, throughout the final stages of America Series, you will have the chance to take part in the core event reruns which gives you the chance to get hold of those extra prizes you might have missed out on!EVENT RERUNS:

  • Sound of the Wind
  • From Europe with Love
  • 24 Hours in Santa Palma
  • Track Days

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CSR2!To celebrate CSR2 turning 5 years old, we’ve got something a little different for you… to celebrate with us, make sure you take part in Season 132 to pick up some extra special prizes!ELITE TUNERS CHAPTER 4The latest chapter of Elite Tuners is starting soon, make sure to get involved with TashimiX and don’t miss out on new cars to customize. If you complete the chapter you’ll have the chance to win an exciting prize car in the next update!GREAT ORMOND STREET X MCLARENGREAT ORMOND STREET X MCLARENComing very soon, we’ll be partnering up with the U.K. charity Great Ormond Street to bring you a limited time charity car sale where the net proceeds will go to the children’s hospital! We’ll be releasing more information on this over the next few weeks so make sure to keep checking back!CARS TO COME:CREW CHAMPIONSHIP

  • (S132)LB Silhouette Toyota GR Supra
  • (S133) McLaren Artura
  • (S134) Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupé
  • (S135) ABT Audi RS6-R


  • (S132) LB BMW i8
  • (S133) Porsche 911 Turbo S (992)
  • (S134) Aston Martin One-77






  • McLaren Senna GOSH Edition


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