Star Trek™ Fleet Command Guide – Exocomps

Deploy Exocomps amongst your Fleet to augment your abilities! You will be able to apply time limited Exocomps to boost your capabilities for several actions in game. From mining, to building, to hunting! Exocomps will provide you a way to increase your efficiency during day to day activities.A new building, the Exocomp Factory, will house the Exocomps and will be required in order to unlock the feature. The building will be available for all players from level 16 and above!As you upgrade the Exocomp Factory, you will be able to unlock 4 different types of Slots: Galaxy, Station, Combat and Wildcard! Each slot can be equipped with the corresponding time-sensitive consumable.Managing Consumables

  • Stored in the “Consumables” tab in your inventory
  • Each Consumable will provide you a number of important info (e.g Type, Rarity etc)
  • You can activate the consumable from your inventory
  • Consumables have an expiration time (displayed before and after activation)
  • Active Consumables take up a slot
  • There is a limited number of available slots
  • When the expiration time is reached the Consumable is consumed

Extra TipsGalaxy type consumables (e.g. mining, protected cargo, warp speed, etc.) take effect when a ship leaves the station. If you have already deployed a ship, the consumable will not have any effect until the ship is recalled and redeployed.Combat type consumables take effect when a battle begins. They do not affect the stats of a ship visible in the ship info.Station type consumables take effect when they are activated. They will not affect the time remaining on anything already in progress; they will only reduce the time for actions started after the consumable is already active.Two of the exact same consumables will not stack, but two different consumables that affect the same stat will stack. E.g. a 2★ damage and a 3★ damage will stack, but two of the exact same 2★ damage consumables will not. Two different things, e.g. 2★ damage and 2★ interceptor damage will stack.


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