The Dragon Market is closing – Dragon City (Город драконов) guide

Dear community,From tomorrow (August 20th) onwards, the Dragon Market building will close its doors and will leave the Dragon City islands.What is it going to happen to…

  • players with the Dragon Market placed on their island:

For those players, tomorrow they will see that the building is not visible anymore. The space occupied by the Dragon Market (size= 4×4) will be available! Also, the Dragon Market won’t be visible anymore inside the Building’s List of the game.

  • players that don’t have the building:

Nothing will change on their islands. The only change will be not seeing the Dragon Market available inside the buildings available in-game.Why are we deactivating this building from the game?As you may remember, weeks ago we mentioned that for some players this building hasn’t worked properly for a long time plus it was also a source of hacks. At the same time, it has already been a while that we see the Dragon Market is not used and doesn’t really provide anything special anymore. Due to that, the team has decided to put an end to this old-time features. The Dragon Market is closing its doors in the Dragon City Islands.Thank you for your understanding.Have a great day and see you back on the islands!


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