0 Constellation Yoimiya-Best Team Composition|Genshin Impact 2.0 | Genshin Impact Guide

Yoimiya, Kaedehara Kazuha,Bennett, Mona.

Since the output of Yoimiyais concentrated in the 10s after the release of elemental combat skills, these assistants can ensure that the output of Yoimiyais maximized during the presence of Yoimiya.

However, the number of support in the game is still relatively limited. Letting one team carry so many powerful supports will put the other team under a lot of pressure.

I recommend bringing a Xiangling to the Kaedehara Kazuhateam. During the duration of the elemental explosion of the 6 Constellation Xiangling, it will provide all characters in the team with a 15% Pyro DMGelemental damage bonus. Xiangling’s high-magnification skills can supplement a large amount of output and greatly improve the team’s ability to group groups. The team with Xiangling recommends bringing Wendy to take care of Xiangling’s recharge.

In addition, Zhongli + Albedo’s double rock lineup, with Zhongli’s shield, it is easier for Yoimiyato play the second two stages of the general attack, which in disguise has increased the output. Albedocan also provide a certain amount of backstage damage while making up double-Geo.

As mentioned earlier, Kaedehara Kazuhaonly has the first arrow in the first stage of the general attack, and the third and fifth stages of the general attack can be used to evaporate. The output of Kaedehara Kazuha’s pure Pyro DMGis not small, so it is very necessary to reduce the resistance to take care of the part of the output of pure Pyro DMG.