Yoimiya Best Team in Genshin Impact 2.0! | Genshin Impact Guide

There are only two output directions for Yoimiya, Pyro DMGand reaction.

Moreover, the output of Yoimiyais very dependent on auxiliary, and its own output space is very poor, it is best to match Bennett and Zhongli

Individual Pyro DMG

Yoimiya+ Bennett + Kaedehara Kazuha+ Zhongli

Output method Zhongli eq Bennett e cut Kaedehara Kazuhaeaq Bennett q for Yoimiyae output.

Advantages: With Kaedehara KazuhaBennett’s injury, the overall damage is not low and stable. Zhongli Bennett guarantees living space

Reaction aspect

Divided into evaporation|overload|mixing, three aspects


Change Kaedehara Kazuhato Xingqiu, evaporation effect, damage can be guaranteed, shortcomings: no one can make up for the vacuum period after e, the output is unstable


Changing Kaedehara Kazuha to Fischl or Beidou to fight overload, the damage is quite high.

Mixed reaction

Yoimiya+ Xingqiu + Bennett + Beidou/Fischl

Beidou and Xingqiu have high damage reduction and blood recovery. This set of output capabilities is good, and survival charging is not a problem. In general, the Yoimiyateam is very flexible, the output of the single unit is explosive, the strength can be guaranteed, and it relies on various assistance Damage increase buff, basic attack mechanism is a bit uncomfortable, group output basically depends on teammates.