Yoimiya-Best Team Composition|Genshin Impact 2.0 Characters Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

Yoimiya’s breadth of role matching is very good. You can choose to cooperate with the ice system and the Hydrosystem to play a considerable melting and evaporation damage, which greatly enhances his burst output. You can also choose to cooperate with the Electroto play an overload response without fear of monsters being knocked off.

So, on his team, his best partner is Bennett.

1.Bennett and Yoimiyaare both of the fire type, so it doesn’t affect the elemental response of other collocations.

2.Bennet’s elemental explosion greatly increases attack power, and the increase in attack power greatly helps Yoimiyae’s damage increase.

3.Bennett’s element burst cooling for 15 seconds, lasting 12 seconds. This is very consistent with Yoimiya’s elemental skills lasting 10 seconds and cooling for 18 seconds.

4.the disadvantage of Bennett’s big move is that it requires characters to stand in the circle. The long-range shooting of Yoimiyafits well with it. There is no need to worry about the monsters that appear in close combat and have to chase them out of the circle. At the same time, Bennett’s elemental explosion gave Yoimiyathe ability to recover blood by a large margin, ensuring that Yoimiyacould strike out a burst stably.

In addition to Bennett, we can consider a lot of matching.

First recommend to everyone a simple single element team.

Bennett + Xiangling + Yoimiya+ Anemoelement role. In the choice of Anemoelement, Kaedehara Kazuhacan provide the best for gathering monsters and reducing damage. Ventiis second, and Sucroseis again. Of course, in the face of the few high-quality enemy environments in the abyss, Zhong Li and others are also quite good.

In the reaction team

We can consider the explosive combination of Yoimiya+ Cryo+ Xingqiu.

Xingqiu’s skills not only do not affect Yoimiya’s fixed 5-stage general attack and three-stage evaporation, but also has a high chance to play the effect of melting fire, further enhancing the outbreak of Yoimiya.

The best candidate for the ice system is Gan Yu. The elemental burst of Gan Yu can better trigger freezing and melting. At the same time, after Yoimiya’s opening and ending, it can also provide Gan Yu with a continuous reaction basis for the second stage of energy storage and double melting. Secondly, Rosariaand so on are also good choices.

Multi-element reaction team.

Take Xingqiu+Yoimiya+Beidou+Fischlas a demonstration. We can see that during the output of Yoimiya, three kinds of reactions such as overload, induction and evaporation are continuously triggered. The effect is gorgeous and the output is considerable.

In the variants of this combination, we can replace Beidou or the Fischlwith Wanye/Bennet/Venti/Zhong Li and so on.

In short, there are many kinds of team combinations with Yoimiyaas the core, and we look forward to more in-depth development.