Hidden Achievement-Sorry for the Trouble! Guide|Genshin Impact 2.0 | Genshin Impact Guide

First, you need to appear daily commissioned “Inazuma Sales Specialist”, and then talk to the NPC character Wahid, Wahid will tell you how to use fertilizer.

But note that we need to answer the wrong usage method in order to trigger subsequent daily orders. Therefore, the options here can choose two of the wrong options.

After completing the entrustment, there will be a chance to brush out the daily entrustment of “Post-Sale Service” in the subsequent daily entrustment.

Because the wrong plan was matched, the customer complained to you, so the traveler dealt with this problem, and also the story of after-sales service. At this time, proceed as normal as the task, and then Konda Densuke will ask you to pick mushrooms from the ground.

When we have picked a certain amount of mushrooms, Paimon will remind us, “I picked so many, should it be almost the same?” At this time, ignore Paimon, and we continue to pick mushrooms.

After we continue to pick mushrooms, Paimon will remind us “Wow! We are all clean now.” At this time, stop picking mushrooms and talk to Konda Densuke.

You can complete the achievement “Sorry for the Trouble!”.