Guide to Get Gorgeous Treasure Chests|Genshin Impact 2.0 | Genshin Impact Guide

The first is this gorgeous treasure chest on the edge of the teleportation point cliff. This treasure chest has a feature that it has no mechanism, but if you stand in front of it, it will be locked immediately.

After discovering this feature, I switched to Carved, left a mark on the spot and then went downhill, flashed back at the moment the treasure chest was unlocked and unlocked the treasure chest.

This is just a personal solution when I am playing. It is said that the normal solution is to stand on the edge of the cliff, behind the box, and then if the box does not see you in front of you, it will think that you are not there, and it will open automatically.

Second treasure chest

The trigger requirement for the treasure chest is actually to smash the jar on the island!

The condition for confirming whether it has been completely broken is that after the conditions for triggering the mission are fulfilled, a sign will appear and prompting you that there is a new world mission named “Kacha” near you.

After defeating him, you can get that gorgeous treasure chest!

Then click the task, the NPC’s request is that we take a picture for her, it is very simple, so I did it easily.