Kaboomball Kombat Guide-Tips for triggering a perfect return|Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Guide

Tip 1:

No matter from which direction Dodoguard is launched, as long as it is in the center of the ring, it will trigger a perfect return.

Or hit Dodoguard sideways, Dodoguard is parallel to the character or it is basically stable when it crosses the character slightly, and it returns perfectly.

If you want to get a high score in the event, a perfect return is a must, and there is a huge difference between the score and the normal return.

Players can practice more according to the above methods to find a suitable time for hitting the ball. After being able to stabilize at a point to trigger a perfect return, the following balls can basically trigger a perfect return at this position.

Tip 2

 The perfect return is a very high score in Kaboomballs.

   1. Dodoguard waits for the ball to fly behind you, making it easier to hit perfect.

   2. Dodoguard is also easy to hit when the character is on the side.

   3. The attack distance is almost the radius of the wreath.

   4. Try the above two more methods to be able to perform proficient operations.

In the Big Badaboom Battle challenge, travelers need to use “Dodoguard” to deflect “Kaboomballs” and cause damage to “Dodofortress”.

According to the timing of the “Dodoguard” hit, the return hit will be judged as “normal return” and “perfect return”. “Perfect Return” will cause higher damage.

When “Dodofortress” is hit back, it will accumulate “Rage Points”. After the “Rage Value” is full, “Dodofortress” will enter a certain period of “Rage Time”, the frequency of launching “Kaboomballs” is increased, and there is a higher chance of launching special types of “Kaboomballs”. The points earned by hitting back in “Time of Fury” will be doubled!

Some “Dodofortress” may generate shields for defense. When “Dodofortress” is under the protection of a shield, hitting back “Kaboomballs” cannot cause damage to it, and the shield can only be destroyed by “Perfect Return”.

In the multiplayer state, when there are two players in the team, you can challenge the “Kaboomballs” for two players.

“Kaboomballs” and “Shazamfruits” with different effects may appear in the challenge. Avoid the negative effects of “Kaboomballs” and make full use of the characteristics of “Shazamfruits” to make the challenge smoother!

Complete the challenge to get “Enigma Gears” and rough stones. In the event store, exchange “Enigma Gears” for more rewards.