Bingo Pop Guide – Claw Machine/ Funfair Fishing

funfair-fishingCollect Claw Tokens for a free play in the Claw Machine event to win random prizes! Claw Tokens are available to win from the Island Lake event which also appears as a Goal in your Special Goals tab. 150 Claw Tokens are required for a free play.Each prize can only be won a select number of times so take a look above each prize to see how many is left to collect. If you’ve run out of Claw Tokens but still have prizes available to collect, you can purchase additional plays from the event screen. Some bundles offered in the game will include bonus Claw Tokens. Collecting all available prizes within the event duration will reward you with a special GRAND prize!Claw Machine comes in a variety of unique themes: Funfair Fishing, Arcade Machine and more to come!


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