Emoji Blitz Guide – 10/1 UPDATED: Multiple Device Sync Problems on R44

We are aware of issues affecting players attempting to sync their progress between multiple devices on our newest version 44.The team is continuing to investigate. We will update this note with more information when it is ready.10/1 UPDATE 3:We appreciate your ongoing patience and concerns regarding game sync issues between two devices following the update to version 44. This appears to be affecting both Android and iOS users who have multiple devices.We’d like to let announce that we hope to resolve issues surrounding sync that we have discovered in version 44 with an update that we plan to potentially have this fix ready by sometime next week. This fix version will be version 44.1.1.In the meantime we suggest that if it is at all possible to play from a primary device that you continue to do so where possible, as we are unable to combine progress from two devices together, and one will override the other when syncing is ultimately repaired.We will provide you additional updates as we can and when the rollout of the fix version begins.9/30 UPDATE 2:We are investigating iOS users who report using both Facebook ID and Apple ID connections on one or both of their devices who are reporting that the two devices no longer prompt to sync progress with each other.This could extend to users on two devices who use two iOS devices, or one Android and one iOS that is using a Facebook connection and an Apple ID connection.We hope to come to a solution soon!9/27 UPDATE 1:We are beginning to work through affected user accounts and will be contacting users individually as we work through their Support tickets.


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