地球末日:生存 – Season 17: Extraction

The wealth hidden in the bowels of the earth continues to attract the lovers of seemingly easy profit. Are you ready to join the crazy rustlers, even in post-apocalypse?If you think you’re up for it, well then, let us welcome you to the dig site “Echo-1”, brave survivor! Here you have to defend the extractors, which produce valuable special alloy. Everything is simple, now you get strange minerals from killing zombies In exchange for these minerals, you can launch your first extractor. The entire mining mechanism can be improved by getting additional extractorsSo you must’ve thought to yourself “Well, yeah, I get more alloy this way”. That’s right; however, the Horde will attack your mining equipment with equally increased strength. Even if you’ve chosen the lowest difficulty level via the terminal.Don’t be scared, variety of defensive structures will help to deal with this kind of attacksYou can store resources for their construction in a special storage located nearbyWhere to get the resources themselves to improve extractors and turrets, you ask? The usual spare parts can be found in the very same places as always. However, in search of new resources, it’s really worth visiting another new location, the Abandoned Factory.What can one adventurous dealer such as yourself get in exchange for strange minerals and a special alloy? A couple of smugglers from the dig site “Echo-1” have the answer. As you exchange more and more minerals and alloy, you‘ll fill the scale of one or another special reward. The progress bar will appear under the description of the reward after the very first dealsOf course, the Premium hasn’t gone anywhere. Its points can be obtained by completing special deliveries in the port and daily tasks here, at “Echo-1”Just one more thing. Each week of the season, new events will take place. As a result, the “Echo-1” will be flooded with all sorts of inhabitants. And they will not refuse to help in the defense of the extractors. Unless, of course, you yourself first help your future associates 🙂

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