Bingo Pop Guide – What Are Star Points For?

The Star Points you can earn from Bingo Rounds go towards the Daily Headline Leaderboards. Just like with many of our other Events, the higher you bet per round, the more Points you can earn in the round. Collect Star Points to climb up the Leaderboards before time runs out! The Leaderboards reset daily at 2PM ET.Your final placement at the end of the event will determine your Prize. Your rank can change throughout the day so be sure to keep collecting Points to maintain or surpass your rank!For players who qualified for a Prize, the Prize is sent to your Inbox at the end of the event iteration.Ranks and Prizes (from highest to lowest):Diamond (1-1040) – 1 Rare Card PackPlatinum (1041-2080) Common Card PacksGold (2081-3120) – 1 Common Card PackSilver (3121-20800) – 5 Standard Card PacksBronze (20801-41600) – 2 Standard Card PacksDidn’t Place (41601-9999999) – N/ANo Entry – N/APlease note, this is a new feature that we are currently testing which means that it is not yet available for everyone.


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