Lords & Knights Guide – Exchange office (Gemstones)


The exchange office can be accessed via the global buildings section in the player profile. In this building, gemstones can be traded in for one another. In addition a random gemstone can be received as a free gift every view hours.

Gemstone gift

Claiming the gemstone gift triggers a random gemstone drop.
The stone will be added to the respective gemstone storage. After activation you will have to wait a certain amount of time to trigger the next gemstone drop. This cool-down can be reduced by upgrading the exchange office.

Exchanging gems

The „exchange gems“ function allows you to trade in gems for one another. Every kind gem has a certain value that dictates how many gems of a different kind have to be paid to receive one gem of the respective kind. Only a certain kind of gem can be traded for a certain other kind of gem:

  • Rubies for Emeralds
  • Emeralds for Sapphires
  • Sapphires for Rubies

Exchange rates can be reduced by upgrading the exchange office. Attention: It’s not possible ot exchange gemstones if either you have not enough gemstones to start the exchange or the storages can not store more gemstones.


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