Arcane Online-[Oct 5] EU Servers – Weekly Server Maintenance Wed. 1:00AM CST / 8:00AM CET / 5:00PM AEST-[Arcane Online]

This week’s server maintenance will start on October 5th, Wednesday 1AM CST / 8AM CET(UTC+1) / 5PM AEST and should last 3h00mn (estimated, it could be extended).
We will open 2 new servers located in Europe, Germany and based on the time zone CET (UTC+1): Acheron (iOS) and Nergal (Android). We will thus welcome all players from continent Europe and a few more countries!
Note that it can take some time for Apple/Google to distribute the game in all the Stores, even if we release it early… if you do not see it by the end of the maintenance, just be patient 😉
Besides we will update Arcane Online as follows:
  • Addition of the server response time in the Server List
  • Fix some issues with the Helpshift Support tool on iOS
  • Fix an issue with the Achievement regarding the number of battleground wins, as the value was incorrect.
  • Update to translation: in particular the name of the special enchantments have been changed as some players confused them with elements. The new names are:

– Dark Vortex (no change),
– Electric Shock (no change),
– Exhaustion (formerly Frostbite),
– Inertia (formerly Burn),
– Affliction (formerly Poisoning)

  • Also after discussion with the developers and publishers in Japan and Korea, the PK system has been modified as follows:
– Disable the possibility to use a Guardian Protection as a PKer (red name)
– Change the name when killing PK Off players and leading to a "Red Name" (everyone can attack you) as follows: Outlaw (1 kill, 90mn), Criminal (2 kills, 90mn), Murderer (3 kills, 120mn), Serial Killer (4 kills, 150mn), Public Enemy (5 kills, 180mn)
– Add a "Bad Karma" stat debuff penalty when killed with a red name as follows: -10% all stats (when Criminal, 60mn), -15% to all stats (when Murderer, 90mn), -20% to all stats (when Serial Killer, 120mn), -25% to all stats (when Public Enemy, 150mn)
– The duration above is online time, and the Bad Karma debuff do not stack (but if you are a Criminal, get killed, continue to PK and become a Criminal, and get killed again, then the Murderer or higher stat debuff will replace your current Criminal one)
– The Bad Karma doesn’t count in Siege War, Battlegrounds, Duels, Arena and Raid Boss.
– Note that the duration of both the "red name" and stat debuff may be adjusted in the future.
We hope this will reduce the mass killing of low level players with little to no risk, and will overall spice up the PK system (it is actually very common in PK to have penalties like item loss or stat loss)! 🙂
Thank you for you support!
– the Arcane Online Team