Arcane Online-[iOS] I made a purchase but didn’t receive the Rubies/items?-[Arcane Online]

We receive a few messages from time to time of players who made a purchase in the Apple Store but didn’t receive the corresponding Rubies or items (which actually never happens on Android).
So we investigated it with the developers, and this is how payments work for iOS:
  • we receive a receipt by Apple after a payment is successful, which is stored in your device
  • once the item is received the receipt is deleted
  • however from time to time we didn’t receive the receipt from Apple after the payment was done or you were disconnected before the receipt is stored in the device.
  • In such case the app wouldn’t give the item…
Thing is on iOS we do not have access to transactions details nor are we given a way to refund players (contrarily to Android).
We’d thus suggest that you tap the link in the mail received from Apple and ask them for a refund for these transaction.
Sorry again for the inconvenience,
-the Arcane Online team