Arcane Online-What are the stats of the Angel Wings-[Arcane Online]

The Angel Wings Legacy Chestis a special in-appproduct limited to 1 purchase per character!
Upon purchase, you will receive 1,600 VIP points: and a chest that contains Relic Angel Wings for your class (Power: 2,509) that can be equipped in the Legacy slot.
To players who purchased the Mariano Wings in the past and purchase the Angel Wings: contact us via the Help section and we will send you 400 Rubies (avg cost of the Mariano wings).
Like the Mariano Legacy Wings, the Angel Wings have the following characteristics:
  • no time limit and can’t be lost by PK, so you can refine it and open sockets without risks in order to increase the wings’ Power (max Power 4,788 with Refine +15 and Perfect Gems)!
  • already includes10 enchantments (max).
  • uniqueangelic effect!
  • can be equipped fromLevel 1.
  • Angel Wings cannot be enchanted or re-enchanted.
  • The item is bound to your character upon purchase and cannot be traded.
Note that you can equip only 1 set of Legacy Wings (either Berbalang, Mariano, Angel or World Bosses ones).
Angel Wings Stats breakdown
The Angel Wings have the same stats than the Lv40 Kogmanon Wings.
Angel Wings Power Comparison (without Gems/Refine)

Mariano Wings: 1,666 (core stats +21)
Angel Wings: 2,509 (core stats +39)
Kogmanon Wings: 3145 (core stats +39)
Kerusion Wings: 3,685 (core stats +46)
Raiga Wings: 4,175 (core stats +49)
Abaddon Wings: 4,553 (core stats +52)
Note that the Angel Wings have the exact same stats than Kogmanon wings, but the Power formula uses other variables like the level/grade of the item. Keep in mind that the Power has no effect in combat and only stats matter.