Arcane Online-What is Mariano Legacy Package?-[Arcane Online]

Mariano Legacy Packageis a special in-app product is limited to 1 purchase per account !
Upon purchase, you will receive the following items and 1,200 VIP points:
  • Legendary Legacy Wing(Power: 1,666)
  • 500 Rubies
  • 2 Huge Bags of Gold(Total: 200K Gold)
You will receive a Legacy Chest when you buy the package, the chest contains Legendary Legacy Wings (Power: 1,666)specific to your class (see below).
The followings are unique characteristics of the Mariano Legacy Wings:
  • no time limit and can’t be lost by PK, so you can refine it and open sockets without risks in order to increase the wings’ Power!
  • already includes10 enchantments (max).
  • uniquefiery effect!
  • can be equipped fromLevel 1.
  • Mariano Legacy Wings cannot be enchanted or re-enchanted.
  • The item is bound to your character upon purchase and cannot be traded.
  • The package does NOT contain Mariano Avatar 🙂
Note that you can equip only 1 set of Legacy Wings (either Berbalang, Mariano, Angel or World Bosses ones).
Warrior & Archer: Mariano Might & Celerity Legacy
Mage & Shaman: Mariano Wisdom & Mystic Legacy