Arcane Online-[Disconnection] I keep getting disconnected, what happens?-[Arcane Online]

There are many reasons why you may get disconnected from the server.

Arcane Online is an online game and requires a permanent connection established with the game server. If you lose the signal, or your IP changes (in case you don’t have a Static IP especially), or your connection is not stable, or you switch between a Wifi and Mobile connection, you may get disconnected from the server.
You may also get disconnected if our hosting partners experience technical difficulties, but such problems should always be resolved quickly.
However, what we saw happening a lot in the logs is that the IP address of users is switching between Mobile and Wifi networks, hence leading to a disconnection. To avoid this:
  • on Android: go to Settings > Wifi, and uncheck "Smart network switch".
  • on iOS: go to Settings > Mobile Data, scroll down to the very bottom and disable "Wi-Fi Assist".
This could prevent many disconnections for several players. 🙂
If your connection problems are not resolved, please contact us!