御靈錄Otogi-Why I’m not receiving the event summon points after battles with Mikhael-[御靈錄Otogi Japanese]

Q: Why I’m not receiving the event summon points after battles with Mikhael
The event summon points will only be rewarded to those who help guild members. You won’t get them by defeating your own. You can only get by the fixed level rewards:)
Other frequent asked questions:

Q: How to start with the event?
1. Reach level 10.
2. Start any battle in daily events or Story.
3. After winning the battle (and not leveling up), you have a chance to find "Mikhael".
4. Start battling with Mikhael.
Q: I started a battle with Mikhael, but it told me she’s been killed by others and my SE is lost?
You SE is not really losing. Please restart the game and you will find your SE back. We will fix this bug in next client update.
Q: Why Mikhael’s Level drops sometimes?
When your Mikhael escaped at a certain level, she will appears next time with a temporarily lowered level. After defeating this "weaker" Mikhael, her level will recover.
Q: Whysometimes Mikhael’s 1 HP?
It happens when mulitple players battle with Mikhael at the same time. No one kills Mikhael in their battles, but all sum together Mikhael is already "dead".
In order to make sure someone can still "finish" Mikhael to get the kill reward, Mikhael HP will be forced as 1.