Brutal Age how to Upgrade Raiders – Development techniques

Brutal Age – Development Skills 

civilians development is the most important thing is to participate in activities to speed up the props, such as full-speed construction, the recruitment of soldiers, full-speed research, etc. These can use the accelerator card to complete the third gear quickly, and then get accelerated, so this is like a steady stream, Nuisance constantly. Primitive war must fight, the third gear reward is particularly rich, more than a dozen three hours to accelerate the equivalent of the same as the red. Do not be reluctant to drop out of combat power, as long as the original third prize to get the original, that point of war will soon come back. There are runes whispering activities, usually Rune treasure chest do not open, save Rune whisper open, but also can be accelerated. The most valuable thing about this game is time to remember.

About Union Help, help once is 100 league currency, the day limit is 1w Union currency. Union currency is worth changing the 8-hour protective cover, friendly delivery, with 15 hours to accelerate.

About base construction. Some people like two or three places to build together, which is very wrong. Why should the game set up two or three positions to you, is to let you have a greater range of acquisitions and attack range, stronghold must be scattered.

This is my base distribution, so distributed in the four directions of the remains, the formation of the four corners of the trend, careful people may find that I just in the green and other colors gathered at the junction (I am a green tribe) That can be collected in the tribe can invade other tribes, for the development of very comfortable.