Brutal Age-How to choice tribal?

Brutal Age Tribal choice
On the tribal choice, the most important thing is to choose the best tribe. Blue tribal treatment by 20% consumption, the most useful for primitive people activities. Orange 5% of the defense can be said to be offensive tribes. Green natural fertile collar resources, one day can receive many times, farming side preferred. Purple help allies open cover very fit to get together to protect. Red light skills only visual effects, no damage, not recommended to choose more losses. Black no skills, not primitive people can also attack their own tribes, so that black is a selfish tribe.
120 area is now generally harmonious, the myth of the big brother did not before the Tu tribe, and everyone silently development, ready to cross the service. The three most powerful League dtw, Ido, App with the enemy generous, like a family. I was also a lot of people were slaughtered, the period of hard to talk about, as a 6 yuan party or wretched development it!
This area is not much play to play now, the world is talking to a few familiar faces, can survive only civilized and witty people, spray most of the live soon. Chatting with the crooked fruit in fact quite comfortable, in fact, half of the time in the chat bar. Or that sentence communication is more effective than retaliation, we all read the book is a matter of reason!